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Projects & Testimonials

SHaque Designs strives to turn your dream garden into a reality. 

Here are some examples of our recent work.

Entertaining Backyard in Brookline, MA

The clients had a steeply sloped backyard with a retaining wall that felt cold and did not lend itself to entertaining.    


After discussing the look and feel the owners wanted, we designed two long and narrow garden beds that allowed for seasonal and beautiful plants that the owners could enjoy with their family and friends year-round.  




Now the owners have flowers and foliage that soften the retaining wall and add color and visual interest to their backyard.  

Lush Seasonal Garden in Jamaica Plain, MA

This busy family of four had a beautiful space, but the shady conditions made it difficult for the owners to find the right mix of plants and color that would bring the space to life.  


We created a design that was full of lush, colorful foliage and flowers, including shrubs, perennials, ferns, and even some boulders and cedar stumps for the kids to enjoy their new woodland yard.  



Now they can enjoy sitting outdoors, enclosed by greenery and the beauty of their new surroundings.

Backyard Oasis in Brookline, MA

The owners requested a low-maintenance garden full of color and four-season interest where the family could enjoy their beautiful and private outdoor space.   


We started with great bones, but we also had an overgrown planting scheme.  With some clean-up, combined with flowers, foliage, and evergreens, we created a backyard space that met the owner’s needs.




Our clients love to sit in their quiet backyard space and enjoy the color and beauty that surrounds them from season to season.  Within 6 months, the yard was transformed.  Within a year, the yard will be even more lush.

Backyard Tranquility in East Boston, MA

This professional couple reached out and requested a vision for their small backyard located close to the beach.  They knew they wanted a tranquil space where they could unwind after long days at work.  


The space was small and shady, and mostly filled with struggling grass.  We created a design that removed the grass and replaced it with drought-tolerant gravel-filled garden beds, a rain garden, and brick pathways.    



The yard is now a low-maintenance and peaceful space, which is both urban and beach-casual at the same time. 

Front Yard Makeover in New York

The front yard was a green sea of grass and hostas.  The owners wanted a pretty punch of color and some more curb appeal.  


We created some new beds along the front walkway, made judicious use of the hostas, and added various shades of greens and purples with grasses, perennials and bulbs.




The yard is now the talk of the block, providing a welcoming entrance for family, friends and neighbors. 

Parklet in Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

This mini public park, the size of two parking spaces, was originally built in 2019.  Subsequently, during the pandemic, it lost its sense of identity and was not the welcome space the neighborhood needed.  


The design incorporates sustainable, weather-resistant materials and native plants.  We added hanging planters, large planting containers, window boxes, solar lights, and even a customized sign welcoming everyone to “02130”.




The parklet is now a little gem, open to anyone who needs a spot to rest and relax in the city.

Front Yard with Curb Appeal in Jamaica Plain, MA

The owners live in a duplex with a small front yard and wanted a full and colorful planting scheme.


The stone wall, afternoon sun, and corner location was a great starting point.  We needed to add some intentional design with some natives and colorful perennials to achieve the desired aesthetic.




Now our clients can walk up their front steps and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a beautiful front yard with excellent curb appeal.

Front No-Grass Garden in Newton, MA


This compact front yard had two distinct areas, on either side of a driveway.  In addition, a recent street tree removal meant that a formerly shady area became sunny overnight.  The client wanted a full, flower-filled garden, with curb appeal and a naturalistic feel that included some of her favorite existing plants and trees.




The front garden is now filled with a lush variety of plants at different heights, with complementary textures and color.  Now when she comes up the driveway, she is greeted by a gorgeous front garden.


What Clients Say:

"Shoma has been enthusiastic, encouraging, and entirely positive to engage with around all things gardening.  My husband and I have little gardening experience or success for that matter and planned to do much of the rehab on our own.  Shoma walked me through all components of this renovation in a professional and thoughtful way.  Her follow-ups and responses have been very quick and detailed. She worked with me through Pinterest boards and inspiration images, looked at the existing conditions, was thoughtful of our budget, and from there she plotted out plans through digital mockups with listings of all plants…It's been an awesome experience and I whole-heartedly recommend working with her.”

– Caitlin

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