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Projects & Testimonials

SHaque Designs strives to turn your dream garden into a reality. 

Here are some examples of our recent work.

Front Yard Gem in Boston's South End

The clients had a relatively empty and and very shady front yard that they wanted to transform with creativity and pops of color into a space filled with beauty and curb appeal.  Adding a moss-filled stone pathway flanked with colorful native perennials, an ornamental birdbath, and creative use of the play of sun and shade created a space that the clients now love.

Thriving Shade Garden in West Roxbury, MA

The client loves plants but had ravenous rabbits, a lot of shade, and large tree roots that prevented anything from growing in her front yard.  Designed with plants that can tolerate these very challenging conditions, the client now has a lush, thriving and colorful garden in the shade that she can enjoy every time she walks out her front door. 

Lush Seasonal Garden in Jamaica Plain, MA

This busy family of four had a beautiful space, but the shady conditions made it difficult for the owners to find the right mix of plants and color that would bring the space to life.  We created a design that was full of lush, colorful foliage and flowers, including shrubs, perennials, ferns, and even some decorative boulders.  Now they can enjoy sitting and playing outdoors, enclosed by greenery and the beauty of their new surroundings.

No Lawn Garden in Newton, MA

The client wanted a full, flower-filled garden with curb appeal and a naturalistic feel that included some of her favorite plants and trees. This compact front yard had no lawn, was bisected by a driveway, and a recent street tree removal meant that a formerly shady area became sunny overnight.  The front garden is now filled with a lush variety of plants at different heights, with complementary textures and color.  Now when she comes up the driveway, she is greeted by a gorgeous front garden.

Eye-Catching Curb Appeal in Jamaica Plain, MA

The clients wanted to transform their front yard into a flower-filled eye-catching garden with seasonal interest.  By incorporating plants at various heights with successional blooms and differing foliage, the clients can now sit on their front porch and admire a new view every season.