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Our Work

By working through a multi-step and thoughtful process together,  we create a design that fits your needs and aesthetic.  

True to place, we highlight plants that are native to the Northeast, have evolved within this region, are adapted to the seasons, and provide habitat and nourishment to local pollinators.  We choose tried and tested trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, vines, and ferns to create rich landscapes full of seasonal interest and beauty.

Our company primarily designs in and around Boston, MA, including towns south and west such as Brookline, Newton, Needham, Dedham, and Milton.


Our process includes the following steps:

An in-person, on-site consultation with you to tour your landscape,  understand what you need and understand how you would like to use your space

The creation of a vision board to provide ideas and set up a discussion to ensure we know your preferences and aesthetic

A virtual review of a high-level concept design

A draft plan including presentation of a detailed digital design, plant images, and plant list 

A final plan with updated digital files and detailed plant list that is ready to share with an installation contractor

Meeting on site with a seasoned installation contractor to translate the design, introduce you, and provide an estimate for installation.

SHaque Designs can meet your landscape design needs whether you need a plan for a small patio, a modest back yard, or a garden that surrounds your whole property.   Regardless of size, our process ensures that we deliver a design that is cohesive with your setting and home.  

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